We are a certified real estate broker who specializes in working with seniors and only seniors. When it comes to marketing and selling a piece of property, we leave those specialized steps to an agent, broker, agency who knows the real estate industry and helps clients sell and buy regularly. When a senior has a property to sell here is how we work:

Let us help you: Your elderly client is selling.

When a senior thinks of selling their home, they are often apprehensive and are unclear of how to ‘get the job done’. It is slow process as they work their way through if unassisted by outside help. By inviting Helping Seniors in to collaborate with you it can help lighten your load and speed up the selling timeline. You, the agent, focuses on your core business which is selling the home while we guide and accompany the elderly person through all overwhelming steps.

Be a part of our roster: We invite you in to sell our clients’ home

When our client has a house to sell, we invite in an agent who will market and take care of selling the house while we take care of the senior and oversee all the steps of the move, including where the senior will move to next.

  • Our priority will always be to focus on the elderly person who is moving. By collaborating, we:
  • Ensure that the senior understands the process, and together we provide a wide professional knowledge base
  • Reduce the stress level for the client and their family
  • Create a faster process for everyone involved
  • Focus on each of our strengths through teamwork and collaboration
  • Helping Seniors develop a timeline for the move to the new location that works with the real estate agent, the buyer, and the seniors’ new address (whether a new home or a retirement residence) as well as the senior and their support system.
  • If you have an elderly client and would like to collaborate or if you love working with seniors and wish to be a part of the roster we refer to, contact us.

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