Whether we’ve been working together from the beginning, from the time of wondering whether to Stay or Move?TM or helping with choosing the right seniors residence, we can always help with the next steps of the relocation itself.

How we help

  • Sort through the contents of the current living space, and help decide what items to move, sell or give
  • Measure furniture, create a floor plan for the new space and help decide what will go where
  • Develop a game plan regarding the whole transition and what steps need to be accomplished by what date
  • Coordinate with the “new address” that all is in place, and that they have all the information required for a smooth move-in
  • Refer services for items to give or sell
  • Accompaniment during meetings with movers, or other suppliers, to ensure all questions are asked and answered
  • Oversee the whole move
  • We can even help sell your current house. We are a real estate broker. In Québec the law states that if someone helps another person rent, sell or exchange an immovable they must be an agent–we went one step further and became a real estate broker. Our specialty is and always will be seniors, not real estate. When we assist our clients with selling their house, we advocate for them to ensure they hear and understand the process, understand the documents they’re signing, and we invite another real estate broker who we work with us who is passionate about real estate. This is our way of serving our clients the best way we can, and keeping our focus on helping seniors and only seniors.

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