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25 word wish

What a good time to share this wish with you while we enter a new decade. “You work with seniors? Wow! I do not know how you do it. I find it so depressing.”, words said by so many people with me. I love it. As a kid, looking up,…

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Abandoned Seniors

“I feel so bad cause seniors are abandoned”; “Isn’t it awful when the kids are not there to help their parents?” Hearing those words makes me want to go around the bend, and the other day I received an enlightened moment that helped me understand why. Someone said these exact words…

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Ingenerational Homes

A real estate friend reached out as she is writing an article on intergenerational homes. Seeing I specialize in working with seniors and touch upon their housing needs she asked me these following questions, here are my answers:   —Do you find there is a lack of available housing for…

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