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Reaching out to Katy Perry to see if she wants to join ranks to help 35 original illustrations found in Grandma’s Place to travel to different galleries or venues across the country. The vision is for the images to journey far and wide as they deliver a non sexy message that our words matter when a seniors faces a loss of autonomy. All in hopes to create change towards seniors in our society.

No one wants to discuss the challenges of aging, losses of autonomy or moving to a retirement residence. We understand. We love it.

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Whispering to Katy Perry….

Whispering to Katy Perry….to offer her a unique water collage created just for her. Trying to see if she would like to join ranks in creating change through our children that will impact seniors, families and society as a whole. This illustration is done in the same style as the ones found in Grandma’s Place, the soon to be launched illustrated children’s book.

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