Expert Experience

Since 1999, we’ve been specializing in relocation services for seniors. Through consultation, we’ve helped hundreds of seniors and their family members get through challenging moments. We’ve also published Stay or Move? How to Talk to a Senior About Their Changing Needs and Retirement Residences which has won awards and received 5 star book reviews. Our popular free guide, 65+ Key Questions You Must Ask When Looking for a Retirement Residence, first printed in 2002, details the first steps before going out to look at privately run retirement residences. Over the years, we’ve also been the featured speaker to many community groups. We’ve worked with a wide variety of families, and have deep experience with all aspects of coordinating a move towards and into a retirement residence. See what some of our customers have to say.

We Work for You and You Alone

Our goal is to find the residence that best suits your needs. While many residences do offer us a commission for referring clients, some do not. And that’s just fine with us. We refer to all residences regardless of commissions, unlike most of our competitors who will only refer you to residences that pay them to do so. We believe that meeting your needs is too important to limit your choices, that’s why we refer all the residences available to ensure that you find the best solution possible.

First-Hand Knowledge of What’s Out There

  • From the small to the sprawling, from fully autonomous to full care, we have personally visited over 400 private retirement residences/communities in the Greater Montreal area as well as other parts of Canada, United State and in Europe.
  • We only refer to trusted partners who are senior-friendly.
  • We always visit a residence before referring it*.

*in the greater Montreal area

Personalized service

*presently offered in the Greater Montreal area

Saving You Time

We put our years of experience to work for you. Our well-established contacts and knowledge of what is available allows us to narrow down the options and pinpoint the best ones that meet your particular needs, so you don’t have to start your search from scratch.

Reduce Stress

Moving, especially from a familiar home to a retirement residence/community, is stressful enough. We understand. We take the weight off your shoulders.

100% Certified

Quebec law states that to provide the type of service we offer, we must be a certified real estate agent. We went one step further and became certified as a real estate broker, so we can stay true to our mission which is helping seniors. Most of our competitors have chosen not be certified but continue to provide a referral service anyways.


Ce service est aussi offert en français.

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