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Written Testimonials

My mother is soooooo happy. Whoa!
I can’t tell you how relieved, pleased and at peace I am. After this upcoming trip to close her apartment and do a few fun things with her, I don’t think I’ll need to come for awhile. That’s how well she’s adjusting! I spoke with her a few days ago and she said it’s the best place for her. Thanks for suggesting this place for my mother.

M. Boyko (Daughter)

Many thanks for all your help, would have been lost without you.
Yours sincerely,
-P. Drummond

P. Drummond (Senior)

It was a real pleasure working with Marie-Claude at Helping Seniors in securing a lovely living environment for my 85 year old mother. Her care é attentiveness finally helped my mother realize the value of living in a residence and she has not regretted her move. Thanks again for your outstanding service.

R. J. Crimo (Son of a Senior)

Thanks for being there, when I felt no one to turn to, you were not just there, but listening!!!!

J. Nicholson (Daughter of Senior)

Your help was crucial both in the search and assessment and in planning/execution of the move itself. It made the transition very smooth for my parents and greatly reduced the stress upon my sisters and myself. Many thanks.

J. Cheffins (Daughter of a Senior)

The stairs were getting to be too much after 39 years. I was hesitant to start looking for many reasons. Then I contacted Helping Seniors. Marie-Claude visited us and outlined her role and how she could help. She was there every step of the way until I moved into my new place. She did things I did not even think of. Everything went smoothly. Like a very attentive daughter.

G. Thornley-Brown (Senior)

Have been talking with my aunt and she says she is looking forward to moving. Again, thank you for everything you are doing to help us find a good placement for our aunt.

D. Mellor (Niece of a Senior)

You made things so much easier for me. I was lost and upset. Moving made me sad but I’m satisfied at my new residence. Everything went so smooth, thanks to yourself.

B. Ramsden (Senior)

Very impressive guide. I like it!

F. Cytrynbaum (Social Worker)

Helping Seniors saved us time, anxiety and guilt when it came time to find residences for our parents. Their recommendations met our parents’ needs perfectly. Helping Seniors booked all appointments and knew what questions to ask at each facility.

A. Muir (Son of a Senior)

My uncle is a very independent bachelor who tried to initiate the move himself, resulting in disappointment and frustration. A friend of mine recommended Helping Seniors. What a fortunate referral that turned out to be! … impressed with her easy approach to what I saw as a rather urgent situation…relaxed, open and cheerful, warm smile and a quick sense of humour. Most importantly, she was respectful of my uncle…

M. Hindmarch (Niece of a Senior)

When my elderly father needed to find assisted care, Marie G. of Helping Seniors made the whole process quick and easy. She listened carefully to his specific needs, asked great questions and came up with an effective game plan. Her knowledge of the facilities and services in the Montreal area is clearly impressive, but it was her compassion and understanding during a difficult time that really made a big difference.

G. Cuthbert (Son of a Senior)

The move went very well; the floor plan was a big help. We are most impressed with the care here and the facilities. You could not have found us a better place! The residents are very friendly and the staff are most helpful. We feel as though we have been dropped into a different world, and the adjustment is much easier than I expected, especially for Dan. (Dan is facing memory loss)

Don’t forget to send us your bill for what is still owing.

Mary Lou (Senior)

You made things so much easier for me. I was lost and upset. Moving made me sad but I’m satisfied at my new residence. Everything went so smooth, thanks to yourself.

B. Ramsden (Senior)

We very much appreciate all of the professional guidance, and personal support, that you provided during the process of finding a permanent placement for my Mother.

Leo (Son)

I would like to thank you for all your help through this process with my mom. We would not have come to any conclusion without your help.

Eddy (Son)

 I also want to pay you particular thanks for not encouraging my mother to rush into moving again and that you suggested to allow the dust to settle as it could take 6 months for her to adjust to living at the manor, which has proven to be very accurate. I am not kidding myself into believing our mother will not continue to struggle but she is in a much better place physically and psychologically to mange these struggles as they arise. That said, I would not be surprised if my mother reaches out to you for additional support in the future.


Sandy (son)

I am a senior and handicapped due to polio at age 8. I recently sold my 5-room condo and was about to move into a 2-room apartment in a seniors’ residence. What a dilemma – what to get rid of, what to keep – where to start? Then in came Marie-Claude Giguere (Helping Seniors) and all my problems seemed to dissolve. In no time at all she had me all packed up and unwanted items removed. Moving day was almost fun! I sat in my chair and watched as Marie-Claude had unpacked most of the cartons and stowed everything away by the end of the day. During the following days my pictures were hung, shelves installed, etc., until I felt I was right at home and had never the upheaval of moving residences. THANK YOU!

A. McGuinness (senior)

Have I told you how grateful we are that you have been a part of this process? Your insights, knowledge, humour and graciousness have truly eased the journey.

Joanne (daughter)