Are you organizing an event centered around seniors, caregivers or professionals that work with elderly people and their changing needs? Consider hiring Helping Seniors™ for your roster of speakers.

For the past 20+ years, Marie-Claude Giguère’s focus has been on easing the difficult conversations a senior faces with a loss of autonomy, and its implications on living arrangements on relocation to specialized housing. She has addressed seniors’ groups, caregivers and professional organizations and presents regularly at industry conferences.

The presentation

The presentation combines results of field research, anecdotes, and audio-visual aids to convey the critical importance of talking to seniors about their current living arrangements as well as their options moving forward. As we age, our needs and our situations change. Sometimes, this change can be gradual over decades in the making, while other times, an incident or a sudden change in our circumstances require immediate action. Whatever the concern or situation is, we need to address these topics candidly, openly and constructively as a society as well as with seniors and their broad support systems.

Here are examples of some topics explored during the presentations:

  • How to open the conversation of whether to Stay or Move? ™ and what are the taboos surrounding this emotionally charged topic;
  • The physical setup of the current living environment, possible adaptations and different options for home services;
  • In the case of a move, what to expect from retirement communities and how to plan and organize a successful move.

The audience will leave with actionable items and practical advice regarding how to identify changing behaviours and needs, get more comfortable to start those difficult conversations and ultimately guide seniors and their families them through the choices of staying or moving.

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