Support for Aging Parents

Strong emotions are part of caring for aging parents. It is important for the caregiver and support team  to recognize that external guidance along the way can be very helpful. This video discusses some things to consider.

Deciding to Age in Place at Home

Changing needs, emotional distress, and comfort in daily routines should be constantly reviewed to find the right balance for the ever-evolving situation when it comes to the question of adapting and aging at home.

Elderly Parents Living in Another Town

The smallest of actions can make a big difference in our parent’s daily lives. Even from a distance, simple acts of kindness and thoughtfulness can go a long way. Here are a few suggestions that could help.

Seniors and Downsizing

How do you choose what ‘stuff’ to keep or let go? Each item holds a story. Some stories hold more emotions than others. Fulfill the journey of downsizing by paying attention to body language and knowing when it is time to back off on certain discussions or items.

Adapted Equipment for Seniors

Choosing the right equipment and therapies to provide support during daily routines can enhance enjoyment of living a good life and level of independence at any age.

Aging and Special Needs

There are many aspects to consider when speaking to someone about their current needs and new realities as they age. This video discusses the types of needs aging people may have and why it’s important to feel safe expressing them.

Guilt Towards Elderly Parents

It’s natural to have guilt over not doing enough for your parents. Let’s talk about things that can make both parties happy.

Helping elderly couples

Needs change depending on the support network that is in place. Let’s talk about why it’s important to understand the set-up of the present support system in place in order to find answers on how to adapt to a rapidly changing situation.

The impact of aging

Family dynamics can create stress when elderly parents require adaptations to their current set-up. This video highlights that when we celebrate life as it is, we can find solutions to enhance the outcome of daily living.