Looking for help right away to deal with an urgent situation?

Don’t know how to help a loved one? Worried about their safety at home? Is it the right time to move or right size to a retirement community?

Not sure who to talk to about this upsetting situation?

We understand how you feel and there is no more need to struggle through this alone.

No situation is too complicated. Since 1999, we’ve been helping families and seniors get through the complexities and difficult decisions that aging brings on.

Want to talk about it then book a Stay or Move? consultation with us?

What you can expect from our phone conversation together:

  •  We will explore the current situation with you
  • We will help you understand the most urgent aspect(s) to look into
  • Many details will be discussed, as the smallest details can make all the difference in the action plan that is decided on
  • During our conversation we will go over the current support system, the physical constraints of the current housing, the challenges being faced, what your concerns are, and the loss of autonomy that is prompting this phone call

This is about your current situation and all that it carries with it. We will guide you through different moving parts.

You will feel supported, heard and relieved that there is someone to talk to about this delicate subject that encompasses so many different aspects.:

  • You will be more comfortable in opening up the conversation with the person in need
  • You will better understand the advantages of aging at home or moving
  • You will feel better equipped to discuss and explore solution options

Most clients feel relieved at the end of the phone call, and feel less stressed.

Every situation is unique. Every family and person comes with their specific needs and wishes. Everything about your situation is different so our conversation will be tailored to you and about your situation.

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