Just the thought of moving to a retirement residence can be very emotional and confusing. It is not an easy step in life. We understand.

Our goal is to respect your timeframe and find solutions that fit your current needs.

Let us help take the weight off your shoulders.

Who are you? How do you live? What kind of support could you benefit from? Where and who is part of your support system?…..These are all aspects to be considered and so much more when we discuss the whole situation.

Every person and every situation is vastly different. There will always be compromise in the final choice but through the guided process of exploring different choices, a clearer idea will be formed about what would work best and what are the best solution. Together, we’ll consider a variety of options as we discuss the current situation.

We like to think of retirement residences like a nose on a face…they all have a similar function, but all look and feel different. Our goal is to find the option that best suits YOUR needs.

How we help you

  • Meet* to discuss current needs (location, budget, services required and timeframe)
  • When looking for a new address, we provide accompaniment* during visits to residences, making sure all questions are asked and answered
  • From the small to the sprawling, from fully autonomous to full care, we have personally visited over 400 privately run retirement residences in the Greater Montreal area as well as other parts of Canada, United States and even Europe
  • We always visit a residence before referring it*
  • Obtain information from social workers, nurses or other care providers, whom are involved, to ensure a proper care plan is in place
  • Guide you through the whole process so that a move occurs in confidence
  • We accompany during the signing of the lease*, to help ensure all the bases are covered
  • We can even oversee the whole move
  • Follow-up after move-in to ensure that everything is going well.

*presently offered in the Greater Montreal area

We Work for You and You Alone

Our goal is to find the residence that best suits your needs. While many residences do offer us a commission for referring clients, some do not. And that’s just fine with us. We refer to all residences regardless of commissions, unlike most of our competitors who will only refer to residences that pay them to do so. We believe that meeting your needs is too important to limit your choices, that’s why we offer you the choice of all the residences available to ensure that you find the best solution possible.

How can we help you? You don’t need to be alone in making these difficult decisions. Call us now to learn how we can work together:
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