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The beauty of working with seniors is that I see that there are some eyes that sparkle and some that do not.  My goal has always been to be a person that has a twinkle in their eye and to embrace life.  So many times I accompany people downsize or adapt where they seem stuck, sad, and upset with a life that they missed out on by not stepping up to do what they wanted. It has always been my promise to myself to not be stuck, nor to be heavy, nor to be sad.  Life is precious and filled with beautiful aspects all around.

Currently living major changes and fluctuations in my life as I’ve decided to stand up and honour myself even though it is going against every aspect I have ever worked for and the life plan that I established as a kid. My childhood dream of aging with the father of my children did not turn out the way it had been intended. Proud of having built what I have built, my breath was more important than the risk of facing judgement and admitting to a failed marriage.

As life moves forward the ultimate goal of being an elderly person with a twinkle in my eyes could not be denied. That twinkle, I know now requires work, engagement, dedication and focus at every stage in life.  Where one must lean in to their challenges, lean in to the life that they want to lead and to make it happen at the cost that it comes with.

When you see that beautiful person, even with all their struggles or handicaps, admire the strength that lies behind the scenes that does not show but has forever been there at every turn.

Today I am so much wiser and I am forever guided by my elders who coach me, whom I admire, whom have made it through way worse times then I could ever imagine and find themselves at 80+ with a smile on their lips, a twinkle in their eye and a joie de vivre that is palpable. They are my North star and even though my childhood dreams may be altered, the end goal remains the same and that is to be happy where I am with the focal point of forever having a twinkle in my eye as I work through personal trail and tribulations so that there is no ‘struckedness’ in life.  Life is way too short for that.

This blog post is in gratitude to all the seniors whom have crossed my path and have shown me the direction to head in. Thank you for sharing your light with me and for guiding me as I navigate my personal path.