Whispering to Katy Perry… I would like to offer her this unique water collage created just for her. Trying to get her attention to see if she would like to join ranks to create change through our children that will impact seniors, families and society as a whole. This big project of, a self-published book and ideally art travelling show, does not fit into any box to obtain regular funding. From the beginning of this project Ms Perry has had an organic fit. Can you share this message in hopes that this illsutration, titled Sharing Your Dazzling Roar, gets into her hands?

The message found in this project was firstly touched upon in an award winning self-published book titled Stay or Move?. Grandma’s Place, the soon to be released illustrated children’s book, and hopefully travelling art show of the illustrations, found within the book, will deliver the message that Aging: Our Words Matter. Our words matter when a senior faces a loss of autonomy and struggles with managing their personal care and their home. A young reader of 6 to 8 is the target audience, before they get tainted by the current language, in hopes that they share a reading moment with their parents, capturing two generations at the same time.

Curious to see if Ms Perry could help have the 35 original illustrations found in Grandma’s Place, in the same style as the image offered to Ms Perry travel to different galleries or venues. Initially to travel to 5 major cities in Canada but hopefully continuing on to a North American tour. The vision is for the images to travel to deliver this non sexy subject matter in a different light and to create change towards seniors in our society.

In having dedicated 20+ years of working with seniors I consider myself a Stay or Move? consultant. It is an expertise that developed after having assisted hundreds of seniors and families evaluate this loaded question of to stay or move? at a delicate stage in life when they face a loss of autonomy. Personally I have visited over 400 privately run retirement residences, mostly in the greater Montreal area, also in Europe, the States and other parts of Canada.

Through many conversations, in this specialized field of work, I have noticed that the words we use can shut down conversations. My goal is to bring attention to the vocabulary currently used which is to ‘place’ or to ‘put’ a senior in a retirement community. By changing those two words we could alter the approach by helping them to ‘move’, ‘relocate’, ‘downsize’, ‘right size’ or ‘find solutions’. A slight change in our words can create positive and open conversations.

For the following reasons Ms Perry seems like a perfect fit to sponsor this project : 50 grade four students were interviewed to help nourish the story line and the illustrations, one student said that her favorite song is Roar by Katy Perry. The lyrics of Roar are mentioned as the song playing on the car radio as the granddaughter heads to her grandma’s house at the beginning of Grandma’s Place (proper credits are mentioned on the business page).; Organically the lyrics of the song Roar creates a full circle because at the end of the book the main character ‘roars’ when she steps up to protect her grandmother from the language her Dad uses.; Interestingly enough the lyrics and the title of the song all come into play so naturally and really helps carry the weight of the message, without it ever being in the forefront.; Furthermore this project seems to fit into different realms that Ms Perry supports and encourages: the arts, education, and ‘Make Roar Happen’. Lastly but most importantly from the research done on my part, she cherishes the company of her grandma.