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Self-Neglect: A thin line

An elderly diabetic smoker lounging on her couch and drinking coffee all day. I clearly remember that client and her situation, even if it was years ago. Yup she lived with her son. Her daughter, living in the neighbourhood, wanted to come in to help manage her insulin as well…

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If we had predators

While I was sitting down with a business lawyer, discussing a business approach, he asked me why I worked with seniors as he noted that I have carved out a very special and different niche.   My answer is that I have always loved being with and speaking with seniors. …

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Aging in place

I learned a lot. Yes at 43 I was one of the youngest at the round table at the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) conference yesterday. We discussed aging in place.  The discussion made me realize that I have aged in place for the past 18 years and that the…

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